Program Evaluation and Proof of Concept Studies

Contemporary education actors insist that all initiatives and products demonstrate positive impacts on student outcomes. AEM can provide your school, district, state, or clients with the highest quality proof of program effectiveness available. President Bryan Shelly designs and runs studies that answer the specific research questions most important to each client. Every client receives the benefit of social science research of a quality equal to that of peer-reviewed academic journals in a format every parent can understand.  


On Track and Early Warning Indicators

Most schools pay attention to the wrong statistics. Sure, we all care about graduation rates, college matriculation, and test scores, but those numbers come too late to help the kids. If you wait for those numbers, you won't know a student has a problem until too late. Every district should have a robust set of on track and early warning indicators that let you know months and years ahead of time whether students will achieve critical milestones. Let AEM use your data and advanced statistical analysis to find out which factors are associated with success in your district. You will know which students are on schedule to succeed years before the outcome you care about and which interventions will benefit those students who aren't.


Student and Community Surveys

Most education leaders recognize the importance of understanding what students and parents think of their schools, but reliable, accurate surveys are not as simple as distributing a set of questions.  Things like question wording, methods of distribution and administration, and response rate all influence whether the information you collect represents the real opinions of your target audience. AEM's Bryan Shelly has worked with survey data for over 15 years and can ensure that your surveys tell you what you need to know.  He can help you distribute and administer your survey in ways shown to yield the highest response rates among difficult-to-reach populations, word your questions so that you find out exactly what you need to know, and interpret the results to understand next action steps.  Through AEM's partnership with 5-Star Students, AEM offers a host of ready-to-go student and parent survey products.


Emerging Data Needs

The use of advanced data analysis in public education is still relatively new.  Now more than ever, educators should expect data analysis to offer definitive evidence on questions pertaining to program evaluation, human capital, school finance, and countless other areas.  If you have question that you think data can help answer, please do not hesitate to contact AEM for a free consultation. 

Enrollment and Workforce Projections

How many students will be in each one of your schools next year?  In five years?  How many teachers does your district need to hire next year?  Over the next five?  If you could know, rather than guess at, the answers to these questions, how much more effective and efficient would your strategies be?

Modern school districts depend on accurate predictions of trends in student enrollment and workforce turnover for long-term financial forecasts, teacher recruitment, course schedules, and a thousand other critical decisions.  AEM will provide your district with the most accurate possible projections of critical future developments like enrollment and workforce attrition.  We are experts in the use of industry-standard techniques like cohort survival analysis that yield the most accurate portrait of future enrollment patterns possible.  

For workforce projections, we use teacher ages and years of service and historical patterns of attrition to understand the likelihood that each teacher in a district will exit.  When we interact this information with financial and population trend information, we can project the number and type of new teachers a district will have to recruit years in advance of the actual need.



Performance Management

Schools are overwhelmed with data but often lack the ability or infrastructure to use data in meaningful ways.  By the time your school gets test scores back in June, the school year is over, and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of children has passed.  What teachers, administrators, and community leaders need are leading indicators that provide critical real-time information to help you adjust strategies quickly in response to student need. AEM understands which data drives the academic, operations, financial, and human relations outcomes contemporary public schools and school districts need.  We will help you identify, track, and communicate the right key performance indicators (KPIs) to achieve the outcomes central to school improvement strategy. Smart leaders also understand that data is only as effective as it is used.  AEM will work with your district’s leaders to develop the skills needed to execute effective performance management.  We can show you how to set appropriate goals for improvement and to integrate your KPIs into the every-day life



Research Reviews and Opinion Statements

Why guess if something will work when you can know?  School officials should never make decisions without an understanding of the effectiveness of the various strategies under consideration.  The breadth and depth of contemporary education research means that school leaders can know which strategies work and which do not. In his 15 years as an educational researcher, AEM’s Bryan Shelly has conducted countless reviews of educational research.  Whatever decision your district needs to make, AEM can provide a timely, comprehensive understanding of the relevant empirical research to help you choose the strategy that will maximize the benefits for children.