Changes at AEM

I, AEM President Bryan Shelly, have accepted an offer to become the Evaluation, Intervention and School Improvement Coordinator for Chesterfield County Public Schools. While this position is full time, I will continue AEM as much as my new responsibilities allow.

To those who know me, this development will come as little surprise. Since February I have worked at CCPS on a contract basis. I am a long-time admirer of Superintendent James Lane, whom I believe understands the future of data use in public education as well as any superintendent in the nation. His leadership is similarly first-rate and committed to harnessing the full power of data to help CCPS's students. I will head a department of two doctors and one doctor in training, and these credential only hint at their capabilities. As a lifelong pessimist, I almost literally cannot believe my good fortune or imagine walking into a better situation.

Bottom line, I strongly believe that CCPS gives me the opportunity to be part of something special. We have the leadership and personnel in place to become the leading data-use district in the nation. 

That said, I still want to work with you, dear reader. AEM will continue to accept work as my new position allows and as my supervisors deem appropriate. I am immensely proud of what has AEM has become over the past 3 years and beyond humbled that our partners trusted is with such important projects. I would not trade the last three years for anything, and I have no intention of abandoning these relationships that I cherish. If you think we can be of service, please reach out, and we will find a way to help.

Bryan Shelly