Happy New Year from AEM

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays and that your students got back to school safely. I emailed our mailing list to describe AEM’s 2014 work and plans for the future, and I thought I would share the same with you.

Since our launch this past August, we have been blessed to find partners dedicated to the use of data to improve the lives of children and educators. We have partnered with Interactive Achievement of Roanoke, Virginia to link student performance on IA’s benchmark assessment to results on Virginia’s Standards of Learning exams. Results of this analysis will soon be available in a white paper that will help educators in approximately 115 school districts understand student readiness for state-mandated end-of-year assessments. 

IA’s partnership with 5-Star Students continues through the Survey of Student Engagement. Now in use in schools across the nations, the SSE is a ten-question survey administered 2-3 times per year that produces reliable information on a school’s level of student engagement. Schools can measure the effectiveness of their efforts to improve student engagement and, when combined with 5-Star’s innovative method of measuring participation in student activities, document the effect of activities on student attitudes. 

AEM and 5-Star also worked together on a survey of parent engagement for the Murrieta (CA) Valley Unified School District. I presented a seminar on the link between middle- and high-school student activities and student engagement at the 2014 National Conference on Student Activities in Scottsdale, Arizona. I also attended the Virginia Association of State Superintendents’ Fall Conference and spoke with state, local, and third-party officials in eight states about projects in early stages of development. 

I am so grateful that so many of you have embraced the opportunity to work with a young, independent company like AEM, and I feel wonderful and humbled that our clients have said such positive things about our work thus far. AEM’s projects have demonstrated our capabilities in assessment, survey measurement, data analysis, finances, and human resources. Of course, the beauty of being a young company is that we are open to all types of projects. If we have discussed a different project with you, or if you think our analysis can help you help children, please contact me. 

Best wishes to you throughout 2015.

Elizabeth Fuqua