Attention DC, Virginia, and Maryland!

I am thrilled to announce that, during the last week of August, Greg Hroch of5-Star Students is coming east.  He and I are available to speak with anyone in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas about 5-Star and the Survey of Student Engagement (SSE).  

Greg is a former California student activities director who recognized that mobile technology could help him improve students’ lives, so teamed up with his best friend, computer wizard Brian Bourgeois, to start 5-Star.  

5-Star has developed software that lets teachers and students scan student IDs to track event attendance and club membership and to incentivize participation in both.  Schools that use 5-Star never need to print another ticket or deal with another student who lost a ticket, because 5-Star’s technology allows for fully paperless ticketing and tracks every student registered to attend every event.  

Schools can also set up rewards programs that assign point values to every event and club to which a student belongs and let students “compete” to see who can get the most points.  Activities directors who use 5-Star tell Greg and Brian that these programs make students participate in student activities more.  I will never hesitate to remind you that greater participation in student activities leads to better student outcomes.

Hundreds of schools are already using 5-Star, so they generate a ton of powerful, nuanced data on activities participation.  Those of us who research the effects of student activities and/or advocate for the expansion of participation opportunities have been looking for a data set like 5-Star’s for a long time, so I jumped at the opportunity to partner with Greg and Brian.  

Our first joint venture is the SSE, which allows schools to quickly and affordably measure change in student attitudes on school culture, academics, teachers, peers, their future, and more.  We integrate your SSE data with 5-Star’s other systems and help you understand the results, so you’ll know which clubs do the best job boosting student motivation to learn and which events draw in traditionally hard-to-engage students.  You can read more about the SSE here and here.

Together, 5-Star and the SSE will help all schools boost student engagement, and more engaged students succeed more.

From August 25-28, Greg and I will be in Baltimore and DC areas spreading the 5-Star/SSE gospel.  We have a few openings on our schedule, and we’d love to talk to you.  If your school or district wants to improve student engagement and foster a stronger student activities culture, please contact us.

Elizabeth Fuqua